…is the biggest day of my life.


After two years of pouring all of myself into this project, my first book “Man Up: Cracking the Code of Modern Manhood” is finally being released to the world.  Yes, that is my book on the “New Arrivals” shelf at Barnes and Noble.


I am so grateful for the outpouring of love and support along this journey.  It has, without a doubt, been the most exhilarating, vulnerable, cathartic, scary, and freeing undertaking of my life.


Many of you have asked me how you can best support the release of “Man Up.”  Here are four concrete ways:


  1. Buy a copy of the book for yourself and for one person, near and dear to your heart, who needs it.  (You can get the book right now through Barnes & NobleAmazonBooks A MillionIndieboundPenguin, and iTunes)
  2. Spread the word about “Man Up” through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and beyond.  Forward this message to five people you care about.
  3. Write a review of “Man Up” on AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks A MillioniTunes, or  A few thoughtful sentences or two heartfelt paragraphs can mean the world to this book.
  4. Suggest “Man Up” to your book group or organize a gathering of friends to discuss “Man Up” and its central theme of redefining how we conceive of masculinity.


I cannot overstate how important this first week is to the success of this book.  If you are planning to get a copy, I ask that you do it right now.


Once again, I am beyond humbled and honored by your continued support of my work.  It is not an exaggeration at all to say that I would not be able to do this without you.


With all my heart,