On guilt, suffering, & happiness

I received this question on my FB page…


Have you ever felt guilty for living the life that you do? You hear these horrific stories and look into the eyes of the tortured who walk the earth. How do you distinguish your personal happiness from the work that you do?


Thank you for your question. It’s a good one. The answer simply is no.

Most people, unfortunately, live lives without peace, often times in despair – and that’s not just the people I have worked with who have been addicted to drugs or sexually exploited or incarcerated. That being said, when i worked as a social worker I had a very hard time holding onto hope in such an underfunded/under-supported environment like I was in.

Art is the only antidote I have found in this world to the kind of pain and horror I’ve seen. It is what builds bridges, brings peace, and re-imagines the world in which we live. That’s why I made a choice six and a half years ago to be a full-time artist and have never looked back.