Race Was Not a Factor” in Philadelphia Stories (Runner-up for 2018 Sandy Crimmins National Prize for Poetry)

When Our Black Son Arrives” in The Rumpus 

The Afternoon You Moved Out” in Paterson Literary Review 

Pronounced” in Crab Creek Review, 2017 v2 (2017 Pushcart Prize nomination)

Before the Last Shot” in Solstice Literary Magazine (Runner-up for 2017 Stephen Dunn Prize in Poetry)

There were Two Unanswered Voice Mails from You” in the North American Review (Finalist for 2017 James Hearst Poetry Prize)

Murambi (Rwanda 2008)” in Philadelphia Stories (Winner of Editor’s Choice Award, 2017 Sandy Crimmins National Poetry Contest)

Hijito” in Backbone Press (Winner of 2015 Lucille Clifton Poetry Prize)

Kigali Memorial” in Smartish Pace (Finalist for 2015 Erskine J. Poetry Prize)

Morning, Rikers Island” in Painted Bride Quarterly

Black Hair” in Painted Bride Quarterly

Interracial in Flatbush, Brooklyn” in Painted Bride Quarterly

Afro-Latino” in decomP

“Hunger vs. Hunger” and “Homeboys” in Radius

“Song for Mike Brown” (Winner of 2015 Makeda Bilqis Literary Award)

“Handstitch” in CHORUS: A Literary Mixtape (MTV Books/Simon & Schuster)

Wait” (co-written with Jeanann Verlee) in Muzzle (2010 Pushcart Prize nomination)

What’s Genocide?” in Rattle